Make Summer Herbs Last with the Perfect Freezer Pesto

The Perfect Freezer Pesto | Henry Happened

Pesto is really one of the greatest sauces ever. If your garden is brimming with fresh herbs, try making freezer pesto to preserve it throughout the colder months. Trust me; come December, there's nothing better than pulling a tub of pesto from the freezer and feeling the sunshine come rushing … Read More →

DIY: Colorful Charm Necklace with Tassels

Charm Necklace with Tassels DIY | Henry Happened

Hi everyone, it’s Charlotte from Lotts and Lots here. I have a really fab, colorful, summery tassel and charm necklace to share with you. On a recent holiday to Spain, I saw necklaces really similar to these in a gift shop and just knew that they were a perfect to make at home. I have used my new … Read More →

SMOOTHIE SUNDAY: Healing Aloe Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Kale Aloe Smoothie | Henry Happened

Normally I think of aloe as the sticky gel we slather on sunburned skin—and while it's fantastic for that, it also boasts internal healing properties. Aloe can help clear out the digestive tract, lower blood sugar, boost the immune system and assist in weight loss. The juices you'll find in health … Read More →

HOME SPA SATURDAY: At-Home Detox Body Wrap

At-Home Detox Body Wrap | Henry Happened

I don’t know about you, but in the summer holidays all I want to do is lounge around and eat ice cream (ahem, fruit) and take some time out to really, really relax. The detoxifying body wrap is my ticket to destination relaxation. The reason why all those exclusive day spas charge hundreds of … Read More →

RECIPE: Cool Down with a DIY Caramel Iced Coffee Frappé

DIY Caramel Iced Coffee Frappe | Henry Happened

Sometimes you need coffee and dessert. Simultaneously. That's why Frappuccinos are so popular; there's nothing like that milkshake-type creamy sweetness paired with a caffeinated edge. It's the perfect pick-me-up, especially on a hot day. As we all know, though, store-bought frappés aren't exactly a … Read More →