DIY: Sea Spray for Hair + Body

DIY Sea Spray for Hair and Body | Henry HappenedHave you been to the beach yet this year? The salt water and wind always combine to make my normally flat-as-a-pancake hair super textured and full of body. So I finally got around to trying a DIY beach spray, and, what a surprise, it works! I don’t normally use hairspray or much product in my hair, but I’m now addicted to this stuff – it gives loads of texture and volume, plus it instantly makes me feel all beachy and ready for a pina colada.

Sea salt and Epsom salt have so many beauty benefits, from reducing inflammation to improving detoxification. Here are two simple recipes for getting the salt benefits for your hair and skin…. 

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RECIPE: Probiotic Lacto-Fermented Lemonade

Probiotic Lemonade | Henry HappenedI’m totally hooked on probiotic drinks! I fell hard for kombucha, but it’s out-of-this world pricey (I’ll be making my own soon!). In the meantime, I’ve found a yummy, easy-on-the-wallet way to drink my probiotics. For centuries people all over the world have relied on fermentation to preserve foods (think kimchi, pickles). But beyond preserving food, fermentation has the added benefit of providing gut-friendly bacteria.

When your natural intestinal flora balance is interrupted, it causes problems in your gut and your health. This can happen when you take too many antibiotics, or a number of different ways. Eating foods rich in probiotics improves digestion and keep things in check. You can certainly eat plenty of yogurt and take probiotic supplements, but I also like sipping homemade lacto-fermented lemonade. The “lacto” part comes from whey that has been separated from yogurt. It’s super easy to do!… 

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DIY: Wildflower Seed Bombs

DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs | Henry Happened Happy Earth Day! Will you be planting a tree? I love this holiday in theory, but inevitably I wind up feeling guilty because I didn’t bike to work or install a solar panel. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get your hands dirty with low long-term commitment (no watering!) the kiddos were all over this recent planting project. Because there’s nothing like pretty flowers and dirt bombs for a kid-friendly combination. Something for everyone!… 

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RECIPE: Glowing Skin Coconut Water Beauty Smoothie

strawberry carrot mango smoothieAre you ready for one of the most refreshing smoothies ever?! I swear to you I would just about rather sip this than anything else on a hot summer day. This beauty smoothie is full of fruity flavor, and the lion’s share of vitamins and nutrients you need for beautiful, radiant skin. We’ve talked about the best vitamins for beautiful skin before, but here’s a quick refresher in case you missed it…. 

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HOME SPA SATURDAY: 4 Healing Baths for Summer

4 Healing Baths For Summer | Henry HappenedThroughout history, baths have been a source of healing or rejuvenation. From the bath houses of the Ancient Romans to the mineral hot springs where people travel to enjoy the restorative benefits, people love to soak their weary bodies.

Though there are so many fun places to go and things to do in he summer,  our bodies sure start to feel it. I’m a firm believer in healing baths for all sorts of maladies, including the summer’s sunburns, bug bites, rashes, and other things that make you itch just thinking  about them.  They can be good for other things too, like achy muscles from spending too much time crouched over in the garden or hiking up that too-steep mountain. And we haven’t even got to thinking about the sniffling and sneezing from seasonal allergies!

Healing baths can really help soothe those summertime skin woes, muscle aches and pains, and cold and allergy symptoms. Turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating home spa with these four healing baths perfect for summer…. 

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