Simple DIY Solution to Hide Plastic Pots

DIY Napkin Basket | Henry Happened

Here's a quick, cute solution for plants that never seem to get out of the ugly, plastic containers they often come in. I love buying plants (especially hard to kill ones) but I'm the worst at repotting them. It's messy and expensive. These cute storage baskets nicely cover them up! Supplies … Read More →

13 of Summer’s Best DIY Popsicle Recipes

13 Best Popsicle Recipes | Henry Happened

Summer's finally here and nothing beats the heat better than a tasty, frozen treat. Fresh, healthful ingredients and unique flavors shake things up in this roundup of summer's most melt-in-your-mouth ice pops. Make one of these easy-breezy DIY popsicle recipes today! … Read More →

Insect-Repellent Citronella Diffusers (That Actually Smell Good)

How to Make a Wax Diffuser | Henry Happened

Citronella oil has long been used for many purposes, including a natural insect deterrent. In this version of citronella diffusers, beeswax is melted down with a carrier oil and added essential oils to create wax candle melts to use outdoors. They are super easy to make, and the bonus is that the … Read More →

3 Quick + Easy Zucchini Recipes

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries | Henry Happened

Zucchini is one of my favorite summertime veggies. It's easy to grow and easy to love. On its own it's pretty bland, but that's not a bad thing! It means that it's perfect for pairing with bold, big flavors. I have three zucchini recipes that'll have you coming back for seconds all summer … Read More →

DIY: Crystal Embellished Sandals

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals | Henry Happened

Don't you love easy projects that take your staples from regular to glam in no time? This super-easy DIY is sure to add some serious flair to an old (or new) pair of leather sandals! You have probably seen the jeweled or crystal embellished sandals trend around; personally I love how a little … Read More →