BIG BATCH SMOOTHIE: Make a Week of Green Smoothies in 10 Minutes (+ Pina Colada Green Smoothie Recipe)

How to Prep a Weeks Worth of Green Smoothies / Henry Happened

This quick prep method is my favorite way to guarantee that for a whole week, at least one meal will provide a good dose of greens. I love green smoothies, but if you’ve ever made too much at once and put it in the fridge for later, you know how tragically the story ends. It separates, turns a … Read More →

HOME SPA SATURDAY: Matcha Green Tea Facial + Salted Cream Body Scrub

DIY salt and cream body scrub | Henry Happened

Using Geisha beauty secrets that date back centuries, this matcha facial and salted cream body scrub will rejuvenate your skin without needing a drop of nightingale poo (or any other unsavory traditional ingredients). My curiosity for all things Geisha started when I visited Japan on a student … Read More →

RECIPE: Cucumber-Melon White Sangria

Cucumber Melon White Sangria | Henry Happened

Sangria is one of those alcoholic drinks that can easily be enjoyed year 'round. (Well, for me and plenty of people I know, that logic applies to a lot of alcoholic drinks.) Whether it's a rich, red winter concoction with spices and citrus or a refreshing summery sipper, sangria is extremely … Read More →

Simple DIY Solution to Hide Plastic Pots

DIY Napkin Basket | Henry Happened

Here's a quick, cute solution for plants that never seem to get out of the ugly, plastic containers they often come in. I love buying plants (especially hard to kill ones) but I'm the worst at repotting them. It's messy and expensive. These cute storage baskets nicely cover them up! Supplies … Read More →

13 of Summer’s Best DIY Popsicle Recipes

13 Best Popsicle Recipes | Henry Happened

Summer's finally here and nothing beats the heat better than a tasty, frozen treat. Fresh, healthful ingredients and unique flavors shake things up in this roundup of summer's most melt-in-your-mouth ice pops. Make one of these easy-breezy DIY popsicle recipes today! … Read More →