DIY: All Natural Bug Spray

DIY All Natural Bug Spray | Henry Happened There are very few things I don’t like about summer, and one of them is bug bites. It keeps me from wanting to go camping or stay outside after dark. I just can’t stand those itchy, painful bites. The thing I have hated more than the bug bites themselves is using bug spray loaded with toxic chemicals. Kinda makes the bug bites not seem so bad, right? This summer I have a new plan of attack, and that’s using my own natural homemade insect repellant made with essential oils.

I have extremely sensitive skin, so it also makes sense to use natural ingredients for that reason too. Plus I really do care about what’s being absorbed into my skin and my kids’ skin. Making your own bug spray couldn’t be easier. Chances are you probably have some of the ingredients in your cupboard already…. 

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FOOD ON YOUR FACE: 7 Ways To Look Younger With Lemons

FOOD ON YOUR FACE: 7 Ways To Look Younger With Lemons - Henry Happened I am now ruined from enjoying a facial. My last facial (for my sister’s birthday) was all about vitamin C to reverse my sun damage. The (overly) chatty aesthetician kept explaining how vitamin C does this and that for skin. And the whole time I’m thinking, I bet I could make this at home!

Sure enough, you can get a vitamin C facial at home for pennies with a lemon. Our skin loses its natural vitamin C as we age, and lemons have it in spades. Their natural alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate the top layer of your skin, which lightens those pesky sun spots. Here are 7 ways to use lemons to improve your skin, hair and nails:

Lemon Sage Body Polish | Henry Happened1. Cleansing Exfoliator

My hubby got me this scrub for Christmas, and the smell is the perfect morning pick-me-up. The sage was unexpected, so I did a little research and realized how beneficial it is. Good news is that it’s way cheaper to make your own.

Lemon + Sage Scrub
  • 1/2 cup sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried sage
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • Olive oil
  • 2-3 drops lemon essential oil (optional)

Add enough olive oil to make a paste and then apply in the shower…. 

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DIY: Fabric Covered Planters + 7 Herbs For A Beauty Herb Garden

DIY Fabric Covered Planters + A Beauty Herb Garden with Boden - Henry HappenedSpring is the season for optimists. Every year I try to locate my green thumb by prettying up a few pots and planting a few herbs (see recent attempts here and here). Usually I stick with the guac-and-cocktail lovers combo of cilantro and mint, but this year, it’s time to expand the repertoire. I gathered a few friends together to help make a beauty herb garden…. 

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12 Fast, Easy + Healthy Snacks

easy healthy snacksSnacking between meals used to get a bad rap. And I suppose the studies linking snacking to obesity weren’t too far off in the case of bad snacking (I’m talking chips, candy bars and sugary sodas). But if you’re snacking on high quality whole foods, snacking can actually benefit you in many ways.

I survive my busy days by eating small, healthy meals throughout the day. This includes a snack twice a day in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. It helps me get me past that afternoon slump, or what is also lovingly called being “hangry.” The key to snacking is to not eat empty calories. Those 100-calorie packs of cracker and cookies are not doing you any favors!… 

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RECIPE MAKEOVER: Lightened Up Carrot Cake

gluten free dairy free carrot cake For years I didn’t like carrot cake. This judgement was based solely on the idea that if it had vegetables in it, then it must not taste good. So.not.true! My tastes have definitely changed from those picky days. Now I’m an unabashed lover of carrot cake. In fact, I can’t imagine spring without it.

Now that I’m gluten-free, it kills me to make my favorite carrot cake not have a bite. But I love it because it’s more like a dense pudding, full of chopped dried fruits, coconut and spices in addition to a lot of finely diced carrots. (I gave up on shredding them.) It was time to convert my favorite recipe to one that’s a bit more healthy – less oil and sugar, no dairy and gluten free. And guess what, my family, who aren’t always fans of my gluten-free baking adventures, couldn’t tell the difference! For reals.… 

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