DIY Citrus Garbage Disposal Refreshers

DIY Citrus Garbage Disposal Cleaners | Henry Happened As I get older and have a house of my own, I’m discovering little house ‘perks’ that we didn’t have growing up. Like double sinks, a garage and, my favorite, the garbage disposal. It’s not that my upbringing was rough, but we always ended up in old houses where there was no way you were getting your own bathroom (much less your own sink), scraping the windshield in winter was a given, and you were definitely going to be hauling kitchen scraps out back.

Now I use the garbage disposal and dishwasher like they are going out of style. Which inevitably leads to a bit of kitchen funk every now and again. After trying the simple tricks of using citrus peels and white vinegar I had a light bulb moment – why not put them together?!

DIY Frozen Garbage Disposal Cleaners | Henry HappenedMaking frozen citrus and vinegar garbage disposal ice cubes is the easiest thing ever. Especially if your family is going through Cuties like a blight this time of year. It’s kind of embarrassing how giddy I got about this idea. I mean, it’s a garbage disposal. But I seriously have a phobia about sticking my hand in that machine – which, obviously, you shouldn’t do, unless your kids like to put spoons down it every once in a while and you’re forced to brave the depths. Shudder.

Vinegar and Citrus Disposal Cleaners | Henry HappenedSupplies needed

  • White vinegar  (helpful tip: you can find vinegar in ketchup aisle at the grocery store. Not with cleaners or with other vinegars, like you might guess.)
  • Citrus peels
  • Muffin tin or ice cube tray

Frozen Vinegar and Citrus Garbage Disposal Refreshers | Henry Happened Instructions

Put a few citrus peels into a muffin tin or ice cube tray and fill with vinegar. Freeze until solid and transfer to lidded container. If you’re having trouble getting the frozen pucks out, stick a butter knife into the edge in a couple of spots. Mine popped right out when I did that.

5D3_0021 To use, put a cube down the disposal and run it. The ice actually helps to sharpen the disposal blade, and your funky kitchen smells will be replaced with a super yum citrus scent!

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  1. A.B. says

    Garbage disposals don’t have blades. They’re plates that crush food rather than cut it. So there is nothing to sharpen.

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