5 Plastic Animals DIYs for Your Inner Child

Who else gets a little giddy about a trip to the Dollar Store? Roaming the aisles – knowing I can afford anything! – is like a treasure hunt. The toy aisle holds so many possibilities, and yet I’m blown away by these creative ideas for the ubiquitous plastic animals. Inner kiddo is definitely smiling.

plastic animals

1) DIY wild animal magnets 2)Plastic animal ring holder 3) Plastic animal place mats 4) Plastic animals crafts 5) A neon animal garland

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  1. says

    I’ve had my eye on all these plastic animal projects for a while. They’re all so darn cute, and some of them are even pretty sophisticated (like that pig placecard holder). I need to get on it. Maybe this round-up will inspire me.

  2. says

    After seeing several neon elephants on Etsy (that I also featured on my blog) I have been wanting to go to the dollar store and see if I could find anything worth painting. I haven’t been yet, but that neon animal garland looks AMAZING!!! I love it!

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