A 20-Minute DIY Holiday Wreath

Decorating the house is one of my favorite things about the holidays. This year I decided to be a bit adventurous and make my own winter berry wreath. I was able to whip this up in about 20 minutes – and it was my first attempt! Read on to see how you can make one for yourself.
Simple Holiday Wreath | Henry Happened

DIY Winter Berry Wreath | Henry Happened With fresh cedar greenery and bright red pyracantha berries, this gorgeously simple wreath will brighten your front door. Or you can hang it inside and enjoy the smell all season!

DIY Winter Berry Wreath | Henry Happened Supplies Needed

  • wreath form
  • floral wire
  • pruning sheers
  • greenery for base (I used cedar)
  • berries (I used Pyracantha)
  • ribbon

DIY Winter Berry Wreath | Henry Happened Instructions

Step 1

Trim your greenery into smaller sections and make small bundles. When the bundle is thick enough to cover the wreath form you have enough!

DIY Winter Berry Wreath

Step 2

Play with the shape and position of your bundles before securing tightly with wire. You won’t cut the wire until the wreath is complete. Move in small patches and have your greenery all face the same direction.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Henry Happened

Step 3

Clip the wire when complete and twist until tight and secure.

How to make a Christmas Wreath | Henry Happened

Step 4

Clip small berry clusters and tuck into the wire already around your wreath. If wire is too tight, secure berries with a new piece of wire.

Easy Wreath with Fresh Greenery | Henry Happened

Step 5

Add a ribbon and hang!

A 20-Minute DIY Holiday Wreath  | Henry Happened

Will you be making or hanging a wreath this holiday season?

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  1. Kai says

    Just found you and already am in love with your site.
    The first project I plan on making within the next couple of days is the mouse pad. I’m thinking of perhaps putting a picture of my grand-kids on one side and my animals on the other side.
    Thank you for this great idea and getting my imagination in gear. :-)


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