DIY Hex Nut Wrap Bracelet

diy hex nut wrap bracelet

Yes, I know, I have to stop making bracelets. It’s an addiction. Is there a support group for this? But I see these fun, colorful wrap bracelets everywhere, and they are sooo easy that even this craft-challenged mom can’t resist.

And seriously J. Crew, $36 for this?

wrap hex nut bracelet

Step 1: Get thee to Goodwill and buy a crazy heinous skirt for $3. Then stop by the hardware store for a dozen or so brass hex nuts at 15 cents each. (You might want to pick up a few extra to make this bracelet.)

And you’ve shelled out about $5. (Why are all my projects $5? It’s not a Lincoln conspiracy, I promise.)

old skirt

Step 2: Cut a piece about 4 inches wide. Thinner is okay (not too much or it will just look sad), but you can’t go much thicker because your hex nuts won’t fit. Length can vary – the longer it is the more times it will wrap on your wrist. Also, the ragged edges are cool so don’t stress about hemming or fraying.


Step 3: Tie a knot in one end and twist the entire length.

make hex nut wrap bracelet

Step 4: Feed your hex nuts on, spacing them however you want. Don’t glue them on – the width of the fabric will be enough to keep them in place. Plus then you can adjust them after you put the bracelet on.

Step 5: Tie the two ends together in a knot so it forms a circle.

wrap bracelet

Step 6: Wind it around your wrist! You can move the hex nuts around for a better visual.

hex nut wrap bracelet


I love the chance to wear a bold color. So, obviously, I’m a bracelet person. What types of jewelry do you favor?

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  1. says

    I love this tutorial! I didn’t have any hex nuts laying around, and we’re snowed in, so I used pandora-style beads instead, It turned out really great! I wish I could post a photo to show you!

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  3. says

    I don’t consider myself a jewelry person, but this – I must make and have. I love the style and simplicity. Found this on Pinterest, so happy to have found your site! Good luck weathering the first trimester… I just made it through mine, and I promise, there is light at the end of that tunnel.


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