DIY Hex Nut Wrap Bracelet

diy hex nut wrap bracelet

Yes, I know, I have to stop making bracelets. It’s an addiction. Is there a support group for this? But I see these fun, colorful wrap bracelets everywhere, and they are sooo easy that even this craft-challenged mom can’t resist.

And seriously J. Crew, $36 for this?

wrap hex nut bracelet

Step 1: Get thee to Goodwill and buy a crazy heinous skirt for $3. Then stop by the hardware store for a dozen or so brass hex nuts at 15 cents each. (You might want to pick up a few extra to make this bracelet.)

And you’ve shelled out about $5. (Why are all my projects $5? It’s not a Lincoln conspiracy, I promise.)

old skirt

Step 2: Cut a piece about 4 inches wide. Thinner is okay (not too much or it will just look sad), but you can’t go much thicker because your hex nuts won’t fit. Length can vary – the longer it is the more times it will wrap on your wrist. Also, the ragged edges are cool so don’t stress about hemming or fraying.


Step 3: Tie a knot in one end and twist the entire length.

make hex nut wrap bracelet

Step 4: Feed your hex nuts on, spacing them however you want. Don’t glue them on – the width of the fabric will be enough to keep them in place. Plus then you can adjust them after you put the bracelet on.

Step 5: Tie the two ends together in a knot so it forms a circle.

wrap bracelet

Step 6: Wind it around your wrist! You can move the hex nuts around for a better visual.

hex nut wrap bracelet


I love the chance to wear a bold color. So, obviously, I’m a bracelet person. What types of jewelry do you favor?

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  1. says

    I love this tutorial! I didn’t have any hex nuts laying around, and we’re snowed in, so I used pandora-style beads instead, It turned out really great! I wish I could post a photo to show you!

  2. says

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  3. says

    I don’t consider myself a jewelry person, but this – I must make and have. I love the style and simplicity. Found this on Pinterest, so happy to have found your site! Good luck weathering the first trimester… I just made it through mine, and I promise, there is light at the end of that tunnel.

  4. says

    lovely! i just went through my closet and found a bunch of old clothes to upcycle, and this is definitely going to be on my project list…thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Friends friend says

    I have a dear friend that would wear this and I have some clothes that are sadly in need of being cut up.

  6. says

    I really love the simplicity of this! I have liked the whole hex nut bracelet trend, but I think that a bracelet with them all braided together is too overpowering on my little wrist. This is a really great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. says

    Cool! I tend to forget to put on jewelry :( .

    I made the other bracelet you mention here with full-sized hex nuts and some yarn (bulky weight? heavy worsted? Lost the label!). It didn’t work out as I’d hoped :\ . I might have to spring for some heavier twine—and/or use shorter jam nuts like the ones you have here.

  8. Susanna says

    I love the bracelets you are making! Maybe you need to make a little shop with all your DIY creations… I am so impressed with your creative ideas–you must have gotten all the creative genes, but I can appreciate :)

  9. says

    I love this bracelet… I'm going to have to try it.. thank you for sharing the steps.. so simple and beautiful.
    I'm stopping by from High on Life

  10. says

    man- now i gotta do that one too….. though i am SURE i have a heinous skirt around here somewhere :) would be a great anklet.

  11. says

    Awww! I kind of like that skirt! LOL I don't think it's "heinous". I don't know, maybe I just like orange. Cute idea, thanks!! I've seen the braided hex nut bracelts before and they were cute too. Have a great day! And just to remind you, I hav the "Sit and Relax Weekend hop" starting tonight at 10PM EST. Come join us!!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life


  1. [...] Have you notice that we’re bracelet obsessed these days?  So is Stephanie from Henry Happened, whose creations include this wrap bracelet made from recycled fabric and hex nuts.  It’s inspired by a piece she stumbled across at J. Crew; it’s cute, but not $36 worth of cute, so she came up with a DIY version.  She used fabric from a skirt she bought at Goodwill for $3, but you could also create use of recycled t-shirt, remnants left over from other projects, or any other fabric you have laying around.  For the cost of one J. Crew bracelet, you can create one to match every outfit in your closet!  [how to create a hex nut wrap bracelet] [...]

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