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4 Healing Baths for Summer

HOME SPA SATURDAY: 4 Healing Baths for Summer

Throughout history, baths have been a source of healing or rejuvenation. From the bath houses of the Ancient Romans to the mineral hot springs where… 

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4 Egg Beauty Treatments

FOOD ON YOUR FACE: 4 Easter Egg Beauty Treatments

If you’re blowing out the yolks of your Easter eggs, consider slathering a bit on your face (and hair too). The protein, fats and nutrients… 

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Herb-Infused Balm

HOW TO: Make Herb-Infused Balms for Healing + Headaches

Every time I got sick as a kid, my dad would bring out the echinacea. If we got stung, he slapped activated charcoal on it…. 

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coffee banana foot scrub

HOME SPA SATURDAY: Summer Ready Foot Soak + Scrub

What the heck is that stuff you ask? This is the goop you get when you combine coffee grounds, banana and oil – and your… 

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Hydrating Face Serum

DIY: Hydrating Face Serum + Anti-Wrinkle Eye Oil

Have you found your first gray hair yet? A recent inspection of my roots (to determine how long I could put off a highlighting appointment)… 

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