WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK : Diamond Ornaments, Craft Fails + Post Wrap Up

I had to send an embarrassing email to an editor this week. The project I was working on turned into a complete disaster, and it was time to call it. My vision of a tree filled with glittery origami shaped ornaments instead turned me into a sad crafter covered in paper cuts and double sided tape. Glitter paper had won the round.
Diamond Origami Ornaments | Henry Happened But I’m either stubborn or stupid (or quite possibly both) because I refused to give up on origami. The cutting and folding continued, this time using a template from our diamond pinata necklace. Major learning: to make origami ornaments work regular ol’ card stock is the best – anything glittery or too heavy won’t hold the shape (unless you have industrial strength tape). DIY DIamond Ornaments | Henry Happened What have you been crafting up this week? Only 11 more days till Christmas – are you freaking out yet?

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DIY DIamond Ornaments | Henry Happened

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    • gerbermom says

      Sometimes you think, am I the only one with projects that don’t work out?! I think I could have a whole other blog of craft fails :)

    • gerbermom says

      This time of year is a bit crazy, right? I’m still in a bit of denial that’s actually NEXT WEEK! How did this happen?! Hope you are warm & toasty while we’re freezing over here ;)

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