Bourbon Ginger Cider

Bourbon Ginger Cider

Who else is excited that fall is here?! Let the apple cider and pumpkin spice madness begin! Something comes over bloggers in the fall, and we all go a little craft crazy. But you know what, stores aren’t even selling pumpkins yet. And to be totally honest, this gave me major anxiety the other night. How am I supposed to decorate a pumpkin when they aren’t even out yet? I can’t craft without pumpkins! Where are the darn pumpkins?!?

Fortunately I talked myself down from the pumpkin panic attack and mixed up one of these drinks.


In a glass full of ice ad 1/4 cup ginger beer, 1/4 cup apple cider and 1/8 cup bourbon and give it all a stir. Don’t bother with a shaker – you’ll just have to wash it.


Are you just as excited for fall? Have one of these to tide you over till pumpkin season.

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  1. says

    Aghhhh, I need this…NOW! I am having pumpkin fanatic attacks. I just want to buy a whole bunch of mini gourds and decorate my whole darn house. Like now! My birthday is September 29th, so technically I am a pumpkin baby too. Right?

    • gerbermom says

      I am so ready for fall!! Maybe because my birthday is in October – might have something to do with it :) Ginger beer with bourbon made an obscenely awesome combination!

  2. says

    i totally agree! i tend to be a bit of a pumpkin fanatic. i collect them. plus, oct is my birthday month, aka the best month of the year (biased much?).i heard there was a pumpkin shortage this year! if that’s true, make mine a double!

    • gerbermom says

      My birthday is in October too – definitely the best month for sure! And I hadn’t heard about a pumpkin shortage – say it isn’t so!!

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