4 DIY Wedding Hair Ideas

4 DIY Wedding Hair Ideas

This is Jenna, my fabulous babysitter and craft helper, and she is headed down the aisle this fall. You may remember her from this 10 ponytail ideas post and the various times she has modeled my wares. Being an old married lady myself, it’s fun to hear about all the planning details (she just found the dress!) while also remembering how crazy the whole planning process is. When David Tutera Bridal sent us a package full of bling we had a blast experimenting with (what else?) hair.

So much bling!

David Tutera Materials

Look at all this sparkly goodness! We loved the brooches – but since I can never figure out how to wear a brooch – we turned them into hair accessories.

Brooch Hair Comb

DIY Brooch Hair Comb
Remove the brooch backing with pliers or other wire cutters. Then hot glue to a hair comb. This would work great with a family heirloom brooch!

For the hair, we gave it some texture with hair spray, rolled it up and then bobby pinned it death.

Hair Comb How To Brooch Hair Comb

Feather flower headband

DIY Feather Flower Headband
Jenna is a bit of a bohemian so we loved this look! She’s planning to wear her hair down and somewhat parted in the middle – perfect for wearing a flower. We ripped the feathers off the hair comb (and used it with the brooch) and created a ribbon headband with a hair tie and a glue gun.
Ribbon Headband How To

DIY Ribbon Headband

Sequin Bobby Pins

Sequin Bobby Pins
This one is perfect for a rehearsal dinner. Take a package of rhinestones, hot glue them to bobby pins, and then adorn your top knot.
Bobby Pin How to DIY Bobby Pins with Sequins

Blingy Ponytail Wrap

DIY Ponytail Wrap
This stuff is literally called “bling on a roll.” Which is just too fun. If you’re wearing a ponytail to a relaxed bridal shower, why not add some bling? Just cut a piece from the roll, add sticky Velcro and then wrap around your ponytail.
ponytail how to Ponytail Wrap

Here’s a recap of the 4 looks. Which is your favorite? How did you wear your hair on your wedding day?

4 DIY Wedding Hair Ideas

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    You never cease to amaze me with your cleverness. I would never have thought to do that to a ribbon to make a hair band but it’s brilliant. I’ve never been much of a headband wearer because I have a big head and they usually hurt me but now I can make them no problem! I especially love the blinged up bobby pins. So simple and so much fun.

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