26 Impressive DIY Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are one of the most satisfying holiday crafts. You can make them out of any material or design – there are no rules, anything goes! And ornaments are perfect for making while watching Christmas movies in your pajamas. This list was hard to pick but here are my 26 most impressive DIY Christmas ornaments.

25 DIY Ornaments Wooden Animals 1. Handmade Wood Ornaments: These do take a little skill and the right tools but oh my goodness, the result is so worth it! (by Hello Lidy)

25 DIY Ornaments Geometric 2. Straw Himmeli Ornaments: Totally on-trend, these simple ornaments will liven up any tree or space. (by myLifebox)

25 DIY Ornaments Chalkboard Log Pieces 3. Log Slice Chalkboard Ornaments: A great mix of rustic and modern. (by Satori Design for Living)

25 DIY Ornaments Embossed Aluminum 4. Honeycomb Embossed Aluminum Ornament: What a beautiful technique! (by Crafts Unleashed)

25 DIY Ornaments Paper Shapes 5. Paper Tree Ornaments:  You can create endless designs with this easy tutorial. (by Design O Form)

25 DIY Ornaments Acorns 6. DIY Acorn Ornaments: I love the small size and simplicity of these ornaments. (by Say Yes to Hoboken)

Gold Leaf Ornament 7. Gold Leaf Ornaments: Gorgeously simple to make! (by Tuts+)

25 DIY Ornaments Plastic Canvas Designs 8. Plastic Canvas Ornaments: Great folksy vibe with modern color palettes. (by CraftyPod)

25 DIY Ornaments  Embossed Clay Shapes 9. Embossed Clay Star Ornaments: Keeping the natural clay color really allows the texture to shine. (by Gathering Beauty)
25 DIY Ornaments  Faceted Gems 10. Faceted Gemstone Ornaments: Easy, trendy and inexpensive: the perfect ornament! (by Jade and Fern)

25 DIY Ornaments Chalkboard Tags 11. No-painting Chalkboard Ornament: Get the chalkboard ornament without the mess. (by Finding Home Online)

25 DIY Ornaments Gold Leaf 12. Gold Heart Ornament: So sweet and simple, perfect for a ‘First Christmas’ ornament. (by Henry Happened)

25 DIY Ornaments Salt Dough 13. Scented Baking Soda Dough Ornaments: I love the classic look of salt dough ornaments and these are the perfect blank canvas for a bit of paint. (by Northstory)

25 DIY Ornaments Wooden Balls 14. Wooden Bead Decor: I love the nautical, playful feeling of these. Definitely on my to-do list. (by She Makes a Home)

25 DIY Ornaments Thumbtack Ball Ornaments 15. DIY Brass Tack Baubles: Classy and easy. You could make several of these while watching your fave Christmas movie! (by Fellow Fellow)

25 DIY Ornaments  Fancy Pinecone 16. Pine Cone Bow Ornament: It doesn’t get any easier than this. I love the rustic elegance. (by Make It Love It)

Hardware Ornaments 17. 3 Hardware DIY Ornaments: A trip to Home Depot is all you need for supplies make these 3 DIY ornaments. (by Henry Happened)

25 DIY Ornaments Burlap Ball Ornaments 18. Stamped Burlap Ornaments It’s great that these are really customizable. (by Bliss Bloom Blog)

25 DIY Ornaments Faux Taxidermy 19. Faux Taxidermy Ornaments: Another sweet idea for a “First Christmas” ornament. (by Lemon Jitters)

25 DIY Ornaments Agate 20. Faux Agate Ornaments: These are so fun! Clever idea. (by Gina Michele)

IMG_2904_650 21. DIY Glitter Ornaments: Get the secret for making perfect glitter polka dots! (by Henry Happened)

25 DIY Ornaments Fabric & Marker 22. Hand Painted Christmas Ornament: Okay, these totally stole my heart. Hello, cuties! (by Lana Red)

25 DIY Ornaments Snow Globes 23. Mini Snow Globe Ornaments: Perfectly timeless. (by Crafts Unleashed)

25 DIY Ornaments | Henry Happened 24. Terrarium Ornaments: I love the bright pops of color in this nature-inspired ornament. (by 52 Weeks Project)

25 DIY Ornaments Snow 25. Snow Ornaments: This simple craft is an easy one to do with the kids. (by Design Improvised)

25 diy ornaments paint splatter 26. Paint Splatter Ornaments: I seriously love these. Fun and colorful. (by Love from Ginger)

What are your plans for handmade ornaments this year?

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