25 DIY Beach Towels + Totes

By Katie

There is nothing like summer-time for a do-it-yourself project. And if you’re lucky, summer means time at the beach too! Let’s combine the two and make some beachy crafts that are beautiful yet practical! Here are my favorite DIY beach towel and tote projects to carry us (ha, get it?) through the summer heat.

25 DIY Beach Towels + Totes | Henry Happened

25 DIY Beach Towels + Totes | Henry Happened

Row 1: Beach Robe Row 2: Beach Towel Dress // Custom Beach Towel // Shark Hoodie Towel  Row 3: Sunbathing Companion // Mesh Bag // Pocketed Beach Towel Row 4: Beach Towel Tote // Swim Bag // Beach Poncho Row 5: Towel Seat Cover // Beach Towel Cushions // Swim Cover Row 6: Beach Bag Tassel // Beach Cover-up // Fishy Pool Tote Row 7: Striped Beach Bag // Ikat Beach Bag // Beach Towel Bag Row 8: Summer Beach Robes // Painted Beach Tote // Beach Tote Row 9: Beach Bag// Scarf Tote // Kids’ Beach Robe

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