20 Creative DIY Advent Calendars

This is the first year that I’m planning to make an advent calendar. My husband is thrilled to be roped into this idea (not!). But instead of putting treats in our calendar we are planning to write notes to each other. Mushy, right? But I would take a sweet note over a piece of chocolate any day! After finding 20 creative DIY advent calendars I’m now feeling totally inspired. I hope you find some holiday inspiration, too.

20 Creative DIY Advent Calendars | Henry Happened

20 DIY Advent Calendars

Kraft & Lace Advent Calendar | Henry Happened1. Kraft & Lace Advent Calendar: This is so beautiful and a great way to use up the crafty bits and bobs lying around. (by Silly Old Suitcase)

Glitter Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 2. Glitter Advent Calendar: This project is so elegant! (by the Hunted Interior)

Photo Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 3. Photo Advent Calendar: The photos make this tradition extra-special. (by Making Lemonade)

Cone Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 4. Cone Advent Calendar: Little trees! Perfect for the season. (by Julie Ree)

Reindeer Cup Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 5. Reindeer Cup Advent Calendar: Such a great calendar for the kiddos! (by Balancing Home)

Luminary Advent Calendar | Henry Happened6. Luminary Advent Calendar: I love special lighting during the holiday season so this project serves two purposes (by Design, Dining & Diapers)

Robot Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 7. Robot Advent Calendar: Quirky and fun, perfect for your inner nerd. (by Next to Nicx)

Glittery Felt Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 8. Glittery Felt Advent Calendar: This looks like candy! (by Oh My Handmade Goodness)

Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 9. Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar: This calendar is a little bit traditional with a dash of whimsy. (by My So Called Crafty Life)

Mini Tree Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 10. Mini Tree Advent Calendar: A very uniform look for your inner minimalist. (by Oh Happy Day)

Felt String-tie Advent Calendar | Henry Happened11. Felt String-Tie Advent Calendar: A sparse color palette keeps this project looking clean and neat. (by Scandi Home)

Lattice Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 12. Lattice Advent Calendar: A great idea for displaying your calendar! (by Proper Pinwheel)

Vintage Paper Advent Calendar | Henry Happened13. Vintage Paper Advent Calendar: Another great project to use up your crafty scraps. (by Callaloo Soup)

Free Printable Advent Calendar | Henry Happened14. Free Printable Advent Calendar Fun colors create excitement in this project. (by Family Fresh Cooking)

Advent Pocket Calendar | Henry Happened15. Advent Pocket Calendar:  This is a great example of incorporating holiday decor into your everyday decor. (by Tara Dennis)

Kraft Tube Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 16. Kraft Tube Advent Calendar: Squeal! This is too cute – the tubes, the colors – I love it. (by Crafts Unleashed)

Toiler Paper Roll Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 17. Toilet Paper Roll: An excellent use of those toilet paper rolls you’ve been hoarding saving.  (by Northstory)

Stocking Garland Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 18. Stocking Garland Advent Calendar:  This classic icon of the holiday season makes me think of fun stocking stuffers. (by Henry Happened)

Animal & Box Advent Calendar | Henry Happened19. Animal & Box Advent Calendar: This is such a great idea and fun for the little ones in your life. (by A Bubbly Life)

Geometric Advent Calendar | Henry Happened 20. Geometric Advent Calendar: Fresh and modern – great take on the traditional advent calendar. (by Madame Citron)

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    Thanks for linking to my vintage project Katie. These are some great ideas! I love Advent Calendars and every year I want to make about 10 different ones. :) Just a heads-up, the link to the kraft and lace idea (#1) isn’t going to the correct source.

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